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Turnaround support and trusted expertise for remedial leak services to improve asset and facility performance

Our innovative approach to valve repacking during plant shutdown and our valuable advisory support services make us your trusted partner for leak remedial activities.

Discover our shutdown remedial project support solutions

The strength of our systems, technology and people along with our satisfied long-standing clients have contributed towards achieving impressive organic growth over the last few years. We have enhanced our growth by investing in additional resources to expand our geographic footprint, extending our services beyond Australia to New Zealand, Asia, the South Africa and the Middle East.

Our key drivers are to optimise plant integrity, process safety, employee safety and assist our clients to achieve environmental compliance. We provide tailored reports, action and management plans that map:

  • the measurement of current product or energy losses and emissions to atmosphere
  • the condition and integrity of the site, assets, components and joints by identifying, cataloguing, quantifying, monitoring and reporting leak risks
  • best practice remedial response actions including the design, manufacture and supply of quality, reliable sealing solutions

We have robust quality assurance, HSE and governance processes in place, backed by powerful proprietary software that gives our clients real-time access to information. Our experienced team of regulatory experts, project managers, engineers, technicians, and quality analysts enable us to deliver flexible deployments and individualised solutions for each customer, regardless of a facility’s size or complexity.

We enhance and invest in our team’s expertise through accredited training and safe workplace practices that are recognised across Australian and international industries. We are focused on hiring and retaining the best talent in the field and this translates into proficient, safe and experienced teams on our clients’ site.

We stay on top of emerging technologies, evaluating the effectiveness of new tools and finding ways to deliver value through solutions that produce tangible benefits in the form of reduced costs, greater efficiency and shorter timelines.

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