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    CIMS Database

    The Component Integrity Management System (CIMS) underpins the solutions provided by KLINGER Atmeco.

    CIMS is a high security, client-specific, web-based platform for the capture, reporting and management of all data collected and analysed on behalf of clients for services rendered.

    CIMS is an essential management tool that allows an organisations’ key individuals such as management, operations and maintenance people to remain fully informed of facility asset performance.

    Fully customisable to meet specific client requirements, CIMS provides a robust suite of asset management modules including asset integrity module, emissions management module and joint integrity management module. These modules are built on the foundation of maintaining accurate monitoring records, logging conditional follow-up actions and managing and tracking remedial responses.  Clients can select the module(s) to suit their specific data and reporting requirements.

    CIMS; component integrity management system icon

    CIMS Database - benefits

    • Web based platform with enterprise level end to end encryption
    • 24/7 client access via multi-level security
    • Wireless connectivity for real-time updates
    • Full component performance tracking & history
    • Instant facility status review at login
    • Client controlled response management protocols
    • Proficient maintenance planning
    • Confirm current status of surveys
    • Easy attachment of images or video to data records
    • Unlimited number of authorised users
    CIMS database screenshot

    These modules are specifically designed for capturing and tracking data for emissions management and asset integrity activities.  Both modules manage and report on asset and/or component leak management and repair activities including insulation containment data management.

    • asset inventory
    • leak inspections and management
    • emissions calculations and reporting
    • Leak remedial actions tracking and reporting
    • offline leak data capture on rugged mobile devices
    • pipe inspections and repair tracking

    A data management and reporting tool used to manage and report the full life cycle of joints to flag and manage joint repair activities

    • Joint inventory
    • campaign (shutdown) planning


    Below you can find more Information about CIMS.