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chemical Industry Solutions

Aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and high pressures are common challenges in chemical, rubber and plastic industry applications.

Sealing, fluid control and fluid monitoring technology from KLINGER meets the high requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industry. As a market leading gasket manufacturer, KLINGER continuously invests in the latest manufacturing technologies to perfect our high-capacity manufacturing processes. This includes advanced IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology and state of the art marchinery producing consistent and high quality products. Our chemical sector solutions including gaskets, valves, instrumentation and associated products are industry-leading in terms of quality.

KLINGER sealing products are used worldwide and are well-recognised within the chemical industry. 

Sealing solutions for the Chemical sector

With KLINGER high quality certified sealing products, it’s possible to seal even the most challenging applications safely. KLINGERexpert seal selection tool gives great support for correct seal selection and tightening definition.

As a summary, high quality seals, correct selection and qualified assembly personnel will guarantee high productivity (long mean time between failure) and a safe working environment with optimal life cycle cost benefits.

Popular sealing solutions

Valve solutions for the Chemical industry

From our wide range of product portfolio, you can find suitable industrial valves for chemicals. Our valve team can work with you to source a variety of valves from the KLINGER range or from alternative brands.

Popular valves for the Chemical industry

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