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KLINGER Southeast Asia

As the official KLINGER in Southeast Asia, including key markets such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and more, KLINGER Australia collaborates with carefully selected distributors to bring KLINGER products to you.

Whatever your application, we can assist you with:

  • responsive, expert advice and services
  • safe, reliable, cost-effective solutions in compliance with international standards
  • an extensive list of stock items
  • customised products made to your design and specifications
  • dedicated project management team for worldwide construction and expansion projects
  • end-to-end solutions for asset integrity and emission management

Our customers include the leading designers, project engineers/managers, plant operators and maintenance organisations from diverse industries requiring fluid and gas sealing solutions around the world. You can rely on the same performance, reliability and safety that they demand.

When buying from authorised KLINGER Southeast Asia distributors, you are guaranteed:

  • Genuine Product: Our authorised distributors provide genuine KLINGER products, safeguarding you against counterfeit and substandard items that may not meet safety and quality standards.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: KLINGER authorised distributors are required to offer superior customer service, including technical support and after-sales assistance.

  • Warranty Protection: Purchasing through authorised channels ensures that your products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind and protection against defects or issues.

  • Access to the Latest Products: KLINGER authorised distributors have direct access to the latest releases and updates, ensuring you benefit from the most advanced and up-to-date products available.

  • Compliance with Local Regulations: KLINGER authorised distributors understand and comply with local regulations and standards in Southeast Asia, including those in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, ensuring your products are safe and compliant.

  • Reliable Supply Chain: KLINGER authorised distributors maintain a reliable supply chain, ensuring consistent availability and timely delivery of products.

KLINGER Australia is the official KLINGER Southeast Asia, KLINGER Vietnam, KLINGER Singapore and KLINGER Thailand
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KLINGER Australia in Oceania and Southeast Asia

In 1958, KLINGER opened its first Australian office and manufacturing base in Perth, Western Australia to improve the availability of KLINGER products in Oceania and Asia. Over the years, KLINGER Australia has developed strong partnerships and achieved significant success in Asia Pacific, 

KLINGER Australia currently has manufacturing bases in Perth and Thailand, with representatives in every state in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Singapore. This extensive network enables KLINGER to provide faster and more localised services to meet the needs of the diverse Southeast Asian and Oceania market, which is known for their varying regulations and cultural nuances. 


To better serve the growing market in Vietnam, KLINGER has established a local representative in Ho Chi Minh City since 2022, working closely with a network of local distributors.

Since the acquisition of Goldcrest Co., Ltd. Thailand in 2008, KLINGER has been operating in Thailand with a production facility and sales office, known as KLINGER Thailand Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of  KLINGER Australia.

KLINGER Singapore

KLINGER has had a long-standing presence in Singapore and currently has a company representative servicing customers in both Singapore and Malaysia.

KLINGER Australia Export Department

KLINGER Australia has a team of export officers and sales managers, overseeing operations in Southeast Asia from Perth. The team is culturally diverse and fluent in all the main languages used in the region.