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Control valves

All valves are delivered as tested units and ready for long lasting, maintenance free operation.

A control valve is used to manage the flow of a fluid by varying the flow passage volume. As a consequence, variables such as the pressure, temperature and fluid level can be directly controlled.

KLINGER offers control valves that utilize the same wear parts as ball valves as well as segment control valves suitable for flow and pressure control. We can supply a range of general service control globe valves and 3-way divert control globe valves.  

Our valve specialists will work with you to source and supply the optimum control valve to suit exact specifications.  Our experienced team provides advice and recommendations for effective product selection and alternatives in situations where there are time constraints or when exacting standards and specifications call for a superior control valve.  For more information about our valve packaged service offering visit our project management page.


  • Control valve portfolio includes both control valves and segment control valves
  • Wide control range
  • Depending on control valve model, regulation of steam, liquids (in combination with KLINGER ball valves) and slurry, powder and paper pulp

KLINGER Control Valves

The control valve serie 800 has a two-way globe body with screwed single seat and is particularly used for regulation in medium/light plants.  The control valve serie 803 has a three-way globe body with screwed seats and includes functions for DIVERTING or MIXING. This control valve is generally used for regulation in medium/light plants.

Series 3000 “low flow” control valves are designed for precise controlling. The body is manufactured from bar stock stainless steel or special alloys and is easily adapted to meet application requirements. Cryogenic, high temperature or bellows sealed designs are available and can be delivered within short delivery times.

Control valves Series 4000 are designed for super vacuum insulated cryogenic plants and can also be used in pilot or experimental plants. The body is built from stainless steel bars and therefore completely configurable according to the type of application. All internal parts can be completely removed without needing to remove the valve body from the pipe line, so maintenance operations are easier and less costly.

Control valve series 1000 is a pneumatic 2 way valve at free-flow with high co-efficiency of flow, solid construction and is compact in its design. This control valve is versatile due to its construction with an actuator.

Serie 600 sanitary control valves are linear control valves with a valve body made from 316L stainless steel. The integrated seat in the valve body creates a pocket-free design, to provide absolute drainage. These sanitary valves are ideal for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotech segments. On request special body designs can be supplied and complete stainless steel pneumatic actuators can be mounted to the valve.

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