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    Leak Remedial Advisory

    As part of our shutdown remedial support service, our on-hand KLINGER Atmeco technicians are available to provide advice and guidance to site maintenance teams during a shut-down.

    Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team make themselves accessible to staff while they are on site and performing leak remediation services. Maintenance teams appreciate the added benefit of having a skilled leak repairer on site to offer guidance on handling any issues that may present themselves during shutdown maintenance work.

    Valuable advice offered from KLINGER Atmeco technicians for prioritising maintenance response actions can help to improve facility performance and save costs down the line. 

    KLINGER Atmeco takes pride in the close and co-operative working relationship developed with site-based maintenance groups.

    Read more about our Shutdown support leak remediation services

    CIMS Leak Repair Data Management

    Our CIMS database provides value to maintenance teams by helping them focus on maintenance efforts. KLINGER Atmeco CIMS data outputs are compatible with most standard maintenance management systems. 

    The database provides clients with improved knowledge and visibility of repair frequency and costs linked back to component and service types, as well as repair success and failure rates.  With CIMS, corporate competency grows as it enables better maintenance and repair budgeting and can track repair success rates over time.

    Using CIMS ensures:
    • faulty and high risk components are identified and get fixed
    • more efficient turnarounds are possible
    • lower cost of in-situ repairs become viable
    • reduced time/labour in locating components
    • the right components gets worked on
    Leak remedial advisory support snapshot