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Mining Industry Solutions

Aggressive and abrasive fluids combined with high temperatures and high pressures are common requirements in mining and steel applications.

Sealing solutions for Mining

With KLINGER high quality, certified sealing, fluid control and fluid monitoring products, it’s possible to seal even the most challenging applications safely. KLINGERexpert seal selection tool gives great support for correct seal selection and tightening definition. 

High quality seals, correct selection and qualified assembly personnel will guarantee high productivity (long mean time between failure) and a safe working environment with optimal life cycle cost benefits.

Popular sealing solutions for Mining

Valve solutions for Mining

KLINGER high performance valves are built to handle the most demanding media, from corrosive chemicals to abrasive slurries. Our quality industrial valves are suitable for various mineral and metal production or processing including gold, nickel, aluminium, copper, lithium, lead or silver.  With a range of valves for all stages of the mining process, our reliable valves are trusted, worldwide. Our valve experts can also source various other brand valves to provide a complete valve package solution for our customers.


Popular valves for the Mining industry

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