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    Shutdown support leak remediation services

    KLINGER Atmeco delivers targeted and cost effective repair solutions during plant shutdowns including in situ valve repacking. 

    Our unique approach uses an advanced machine to pop out the valve packing and replace packing without the need to remove the valve from the site or its process location. 

    Developed by KLINGER Australia, the innovative hydro-pik machine offers a non-invasive solution for valve repacking. With the advanced skills of our repair technicians, the hydro-pik machine is used to easily and efficiently eject and remove old valve packing without damaging the internal surface of the gland housing.  This provides customers with enormous time and cost savings as valves do not need to be moved from their location or off the site to be repacked.

    This method is particularly of value in situations where gland packing contains asbestos.  Hazardous gland packing is removed safely and quicker than conventional methods.  Our team is trained to carefully eject asbestos gland packing and safely contain the hazardous material without contaminating the surrounding environment.

    Benefits of Shutdown Remedial Support

    • old and hard packing is ejected quickly and effectively with resultant time and cost savings
    • better sealing after repacking, due to undamaged internal surface of gland housing
    • gland packing that contains asbestos can be removed safely and quicker compared to other conventional methods
    Shutdown remedial support in situ valve repacking