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Precision-molded thermoplastic components made from carbon-fiber-based composite materials for orthopedic applications

Greene Tweed provides precision-molded thermoplastic composite components made from our high-performance Orthtek® material. Used for demanding medical and biotechnology applications, Orthtek®‘s high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance, and dimensional stability for steam or autoclave sterilization make it an ideal high-performance metal replacement.

Orthtek® composites have a PEEK polymer matrix with high carbon fiber reinforcement content (50 percent fiber volume), and are radiolucent for X-ray transparency.

These materials provide mechanical properties competitive with metals and are much lighter, resulting in superior strength to weight.

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Greene Tweed Orthtek range

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Structures used in surgical equipment and devices, nail guides and x-ray cassettes.

Features and Benefits

  • Radiolucent properties provide transparency to x-rays
  • High-strength and stiffness properties ensures instruments perform reliably in surgical environments
  • Lightweight components reduce physician fatigue during lengthy surgical procedures
  • Resistance to repeated sterilization ensures dimensional stability is maintained after multiple autoclave cycles
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance allows components to withstand the harsh chemicals
    used during the sterilization process
  • Low water absorption helps maintain original physical properties of the component

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