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Abrasion Resistant 

The AR® (Abrasion Resistant) line offers superior abrasion resistance and is less harsh to mating hardware compared to competing materials.

 The AR® line extends the service life of pumps and reduces downtime for pumps handling media-containing abrasives such as sand, coal ash, and other solids, which can wreak havoc in pumps.

Greene Tweed’s AR® family of materials can operate in subzero temperatures up to 121°C (250°F). The AR® 1 material is filled PTFE, while AR® HT is a blend of PTFE and PEEK.

AR® 1 provides general abrasion resistance and is particularly suitable for vertical pumps, while AR® HT is suitable for high-temperature, abrasive-resistant applications, such as vertical water feed pumps in nuclear facilities.

Greene Tweed Abrasion Resistant range

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Circulating water pumps, crude oil multistage pumps, open and closed cooling water pumps, river water pumps, screen wash pumps and sump pumps.

Features and Benefits

  • Improvement of pump reliability over traditional bearing materials due to lower wear in abrasive media
  • Non-galling and non-seizing properties help avoid unplanned shutdowns due to pump failures caused by excessive vibration or dry-run startup
  • Extends lifetime and operation of mechanical seals and pumps due to excellent vibration dampening characteristics
  • Lower coefficient of friction aids survival in “off design” pump conditions, such as intermittent dry run, better than traditional materials like cutlass rubber
  • Easy to machine and install to exact finished dimensions, reducing pump repair turnaround times and lowering repair costs
  • Low hydrolysis or swell makes designing parts easier and helps maintain their physical properties in water applications
  • Very good physical properties allow the bearings to receive impact from the shaft or shaft sleeve without breaking or cracking during operation

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