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G-T® Rings

Piston sealing solutions for demanding environments

Greene Tweed G-T® Rings are  available in rod or piston configurations.  The unique G-T® Ring provides a compact, double-acting seal for use in new designs or existing applications where o-rings are failing.  The G-T® Ring can be retrofitted into standard grooves designed for o-rings with one, two, or no back-ups.  This proven seal combines a tough, resilient, T-shaped ring with precisely dimensioned, pressure-actuated, anti-extrusion rings for use with pressure ratings in excess of 40,000 psi. For higher pressures, contact us.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Excellent resistance to extrusion
  • Extended service life
  • Unique configuration eliminates seal roll and spiral failure
  • Low-pressure sealing
Greene Tweed G-T Ring

KLINGER is the authorised Australian distributor of Greene Tweed products.

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The G-T® Ring is a static or dynamic seal in “rod” or “piston” configurations for demanding oilfield applications, e.g., cylinders, jacks, intensifiers, tensioners, BOPs, logging equipment, jars, shock subs, bumper subs, pumps, valves, and well head equipment.

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