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New Perth Office Opened Doors on 20/10/22

With a focus to support better teamwork and collaboration in the workplace, our new KLINGER Australian headquarters at 38 McDowell Street, Welshpool is more than just a standard office; it is a space that represents KLINGER culture and values. It is where we connect, enable and support each other to achieve our best work for our customers.

The newly renovated office is now open for the team to enjoy and love. In addition to multiple breakout areas for meetings or training, the property features a vertical garden and BBQ area to make the best of the fine weather we have in Perth throughout the year.

As part of the new office opening celebration, a fun morning was organised where the whole KLINGER team was invited to collaborate on a large symbolic canvas designed by Indigenous artist and Cultural Advisor Justin Martin. The artwork’s intricate details portray flowers, ocean, and land with bright colours of red ochre, green bush, blue coastlines and beautiful rich sand.

The KLINGER Australia family jointly created and took ownership of an incredible piece of indigenous-style artwork because we want to acknowledge how Australia’s traditional culture can play an important role in reshaping modern businesses- together as a team, we tell the story of inclusion and understanding.

The artwork was completed during the official office grand opening on 20/10/2022, where KLINGER Group CEOs Christopher Klinger-Lohr, and Daniel Schibli added the finishing touches: a meeting place that represented a safe space for all. The canvas will be permanently displayed in the KLINGER office to remind all of us that this is the space where we make our team, customers, and community feel acknowledged, respected, and welcomed.

Watch the event highlight video from the Grand Office Opening, and share our joy and excitement.