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KLINGER appointed as Greene Tweed Agent in Australia

KLINGER Limited is proud to announce their appointment as an authorised reseller of Greene Tweed sealing and thermoplastic composite materials in Australia. 

Greene Tweed is dedicated to new ideas and high-performance products, providing customers with solutions for more than 150 years that push the boundaries of material science.

Greene Tweed caters towards the demanding requirements of Energy (downstream, midstream and upstream), Industrial, Chemical processing and Life Sciences markets. Greene Tweed’s portfolio includes sealing products such as Chemraz®, Arlon®, and special thermoplastic composites like AR® and WR® to support and complement KLINGER’s existing range of gaskets, seals, valves, instrumentation, expansion joints and other industrial products and services.

Whether seals, connectors, or structural components, Greene Tweed’s material expertise and continuous collaborative approach coupled with KLINGER’s distribution expertise and trusted level of service deliver proven performance in situations where customers cannot afford down time, lost production or loss of containment.

Greene Tweed logoTogether with the expertise of KLINGER’s technical support team, Greene Tweed sales and technical experts will also provide customer support for application and material selection.

View the range of Greene Tweed products now available through KLINGER.

Greene Tweed sealing products


Sealing solutions composed of proprietary, high-performance sealing materials. Product range includes standard o-rings to custom-engineered seal designs for complex applications.

Greene Tweed thermoplastic composites


Servicing a wide variety of markets and needs, Greene Tweed’s thermoplastic composites provide solutions for aggressive and demanding applications.

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