The world will see more piping networks

As a leading provider of sealing and fluid control products, we have devoted ourselves to the integrity and efficiency of piping networks for over 135 years. We’ve made significant advancements to our products and services, aiming to support their operational excellence throughout the lifecycles.

Sealing the Deal: Sealant Tape vs Flange Gaskets Compared

While sealant tape is celebrated for its ease of application and flexibility, standard flange gaskets are renowned for their robustness and precision in high-pressure environments. By delving into the specifics of each product, from material composition to application versatility, we will unravel the truth behind their efficacy and suitability.

Set sail with KLINGER sealing systems

At KLINGER, we understand that the performance and reliability of sealing systems are critical to the integrity and longevity of the vessel, and our gaskets and seals for the maritime and shipbuilding industry offer the following features.

Brewing Wonders

At Nestlé’s Tri An factory that export to more than 25 countries around the world, KLINGER valves have been working tirelessly to maintain the desired quality, flavor, and consistency of the coffee product, to deliver that perfect cup of coffee-to-coffee lovers worldwide.

Find and Reduce Methane Emissions Leaks

Reducing methane emissions is a crucial goal that should be a priority for everyone. We are actively exploring ways to improve our environmental protection efforts. Specifically, we are focusing on reducing methane leaks in the oil and gas infrastructure.