Leak Detection and Repair - LDAR and Smart LDAR Programs

Component ID

Fugitive emission surveys provide full condition management and regulatory reporting for our client compliance.

Leak detection programs customised to satisfy statutory and facility requirements.

  • Inventory study
  • Asset monitoring and reporting
  • Active repair and Shut down repair categorisation
  • Process Fugitive emission estimation
  • Program historic data compilation

Leaks are typically identified using Flame Ionisation Detection (FID) and/or Optical Gas Imaging (OGI).

LDAR and Smart LDAR programs benefits

KLINGER Australia – a leader in gas and fluid sealing
  • Reduction in fugitive emissions with its environmental benefits
  • Improved facility performance
  • Enhanced process safety
  • Reduction in product loss
Component ID
Component ID System

This ID system underpins the design, structure, daily operations, remedial response actions, reporting and archiving of a continuing program.

Once established, the ID system also has many other benefits for operational, engineering, reliability and maintenance groups working in a facility. The primary additional benefit is that a clear and unambiguous field location system exists that reduces the risks of inappropriate actions on poorly identified lines equipment.

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