Dispersed Source Emissions Surveys

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We deploy a range of our non contact leak sensing technologies in conjuction with remotely operated systems to detect and profile gas leaks in anaerobic reactors, sludge drying areas, waste treatment ponds, landfills and other facilities where biochemical and microbial actions are used to breakdown and degrade organic substances.

This provides full condition management and regulatory reporting for our clients compliance.

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Methane is the most common gas produced in these types of facilities, but often accompanied by toxic and odorous gases which poses health hazard for the neighborhood.

Key deliverables:

  • optical gas imaging video footage showing the exact location and relative intensity of any methane emissions from all leak points
  • mass VOC emissions from dispersed and broad area quantified
  • high definition images of structural defects
  • thermal (radiometric) images of points of interests to determine thermal effeciencies
  • scaled plot plan to allow repairs and effective follow-up (post repair) re-inspections
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