CIMS Database system

KLINGER Atmeco’s Component Integrity Management System - CIMS is a high security, client-specific, web-based system used to capture, report and manage all data collected and analysed on behalf of clients.

CIMS database is customisable to meet specific clients requirments. The system consists a complete suit of asset management modules including asset data catalogue, emissions inventory calculations, remedial activities tracking, Critical Joint integrity management with automatic torque calculator based on joint specifications.


CIMS provides:

  • Enterprise level end to end encryption
  • 24/7 client Secure access
  • Advanced Identity and Access Management
  • Full component performance tracking & histories


Emissions and Asset integrity management system

  • asset inventory
  • leak inspections and management
  • emissions calculations and reporting
  • Leak remedial actions tracking and reporting
  • offline leak data capture on rugged mobile devices
  • pipe inspections and repair tracking


Critical Joint integrity management system

A data management and reporting tool used in managing and reporting full cycle joints activities

  • Joint inventory
  • campaign (shutdown) planing
  • automatic torque calculator
  • Status monitoring and reporting
  • Repair status and progress activity
  • Reporting


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