RPAS and Drones Inspections

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KLINGER Atmeco precisely executes remotely piloted aerial surveys (RPAS) across a wide range of industries including oil & gas production facilities (onshore and offshore), utility distribution networks (gas pipelines) and wastewater treatment facilities.

Drones and crawlers provide clients with views to the most restricted site locations, where a close up inspection of assets is required.

Facility Aerial Surveys

Atmeco safely integrates RPAS hardware and 3-D reality modelling software systems to perform flare tip inspections on oil, gas and petrochemical production facilities.  The following assets can be efficiently surveyed using these technologies:

  • Pipe racks
  • Stacks
  • Columns
  • Tanks
  • Pressure related components
  • Long and short range distribution pipelines
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Confined Space surveys

Confined space surveys can be performed in tight spaces throughout the site or within internal voids of equipment such as:

  • Furnace refractory inspections
  • Reformer refractory inspections
  • Exchanger internal inspections
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