Why Choose KLINGER?

Versatile, reliable, responsive, and safe

Solve your problems
Our experienced sales people, qualified technical support staff and friendly customer service team will find you the right solution every time.

Minimise turnaround time
We supply many products on demand. Because we manufacture locally, we can respond quickly when you need a non-standard item.

Have more choices
Please contact us to obtain details of our standard and specialised manufacturing capabilities as well as the materials available.

Access local and global resources
Our Australian manufacturing centres have unique testing and development facilities for gaskets and pump and valve compression packing. We obtain additional products and the latest research and development from Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Reduce your operating costs
Using our high performance and quality products means less downtime.

Minimise environmental issues
Meet or exceed fugitive emission targets with our specialised solutions and patented compression packing products.

Be sure of quality
We are certified in:

Our customers include the leading designers, project engineers/managers, plant operators and maintenance organisations from diverse industries requiring fluid and gas sealing solutions around the world. You can rely on the same performance, reliability and safety that they demand.