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KLINGER/ATMECO - One stop package to manage component integrity

Experience indicates that most facilities with no program in place to identify fugitives and manage component integrity will typically have 5% to 12% or more of components leaking at rates above regulated limits, depending on the leak rate definition.

Even new facilities often have component leak rates as high as 5%. Implementing a management program to increase component integrity requires scientific monitoring skills, onsite labour management and technical skills, database management skills, ability to prioritise and confirm effectiveness of maintenance responses, and reporting capabilities for management. The program serves to

• Find and fix leaking components
• Prioritise maintenance actions
• Confirm effectiveness of maintenance responses
• Comply with environmental regulations
• Report plant maintenance and environmental performance
• Ensure component integrity
• Reduce operational risks

ATMECO and KLINGER AUSTRALIA have combined their capabilities to offer a one-stop package to customers to improve plant integrity. Guaranteed plant performance improvement through ATMECO’s ‘Component Integrity Management System’ ä (CIMS) combined with KLINGER’s sealing technology products and expertise. Implementation of this one-stop package will:

  • reduce valuable product losses
  • reduce energy losses
  • improve environmental performance
  • reduce fines and charges risks
  • reduce OH&S risks liabilities
  • reduce risk of emergency incidents
  • improve productivity
  • improve plant integrity.

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Klinger is dedicated to eliminating plant leakage

Fugitive Emissions and plant leaks are a multi million dollar cost to industry worldwide.

Klinger is able to provide clients with a complete package which ensures gasket joint integrity.

KLINGER can end your quest for leak- free start up.

We offer:

          • Consultation on applications, including inspection
          • Gasket selection and supply
          • In-Situ flange machining
          • Supervision of gasket fitment
          • Hydraulic fastening of flange
          • Flange make up report
          • Leakage monitoring

Klinger provide an unmatched TOTAL PLANT SEALING SERVICE

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