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October 2013 The Education Issue

Febuary 2013 The Africa Issue

November 2012 The Steam Issue

July 2010 Click Here to Download PDF

Summary of Contents

  • KLINGER UK spreads its wings - KLINGER Limited, United Kingdom
  • An acquisition with important synergies - KLINGER SCHÖNEBERG GmbH, Germany
  • New company,new opportunities - Rich. KLINGER S.A.A.C.I.yF., Argentina
  • Ballostar - simply the best - KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH, Austria
  • Moscow International Energy Forum - KLINGER Dichtungstechnik GmbH & CoKG, Austria
  • A new aqueduct in Patagonia - Rich. KLINGER S.A.A.C.I.yF., Argentina
  • KLINGER GOLDCREST signs contract with PTT - KLINGER GOLDREST Co. Ltd, Thailand
  • KLINGER at Australia’s No. 1 oil and gas expo - KLINGER Limited, Australia
  • Successful launch of KLINGER®Quantum onto the French market - GROUPE EYNARD ROBIN, France

July 2009 Click Here to Download PDF 2.77MB

Summary of Contents

  • KLINGER®Quantum - a new era in gasket technology
  • OSEA 2008 Offshore Southeast Asia Exhibition
  • KLINGER and BP: together for 25 years KLINGER B.V.
  • CIPPE 2008 China InternationalPetroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition
  • Always on the level
  • Technical Fair Belgrade 2009
  • Achema 2009 review
  • CRANE Saunders Award to SAIDI Saidi
  • KLINGER Ballostar KHE is a safe bet
  • KLINGER in Egypt
  • Not all is black
  • New anti-stick graphite coating line
  • Rich. KLINGER Argentina at EMAQH 2009

Feb 2009 Click Here to Download PDF 3.44MB

Summary of Contents

  • The giant ball valve is here
  • KLINGER BALLOSTAR for alternating temperature loads
  • KLINGER technologies on the move
  • KLINGERtop-chem-2000
  • KLINGERSIL® C4265 - a soft solution to a hard problem
  • A seal of approval from AES Alicura
  • Small is the new big
  • Success and recognition for SAIDI at Expoquimio ‘08
  • SAIDI attends World Petroleum Congress in Madrid

June 2008 Click Here to Download PDF 1.64MB

Summary of Contents

  • Sawasdee, Klinger Goldcrest
  • Next stop Vietnam!
  • Back to Bremen
  • 10th Anniversary Celebrations at KLINGER WARBA
  • Pre-assembled units deliver the goods
  • KLINGER® top-flon multi: PTFE gets a makeover
  • Water Congress flows into second seminar
  • Saidi takes to the water
  • Building the future with Kempchen Dichtungstechnik GmbH
  • Double success in Alexandria and Cairo
  • May the best team win!

February 2008 Click Here to Download PDF 4MB

Summary of Contents

  • Getting Emotional about KLINGER Products & Services
  • KLINGERSIL® Materials Ready for Take-off
  • KLINGER WARBA signs up with Al Dorra Petroleum Services
  • New Austrian Bio ethanol Plant Relies on the Quality of KLINGER valves
  • KLINGER Gebelsroither GmbH and KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH, Austria
  • Let the Sun Shine In (Saidi, Spain)
  • KLINGER DANMARK valves for New District Heating Tunnel
  • BioLatina halves production costs of environmentally sustainable equipment
  • From wood to fuel
  • A new-look Internet presence. KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH, Austria
  • Exclusive KLINGER distributor boosts turnover
  • Technical seminar for energy tech and industry customers
  • Sharing information and experience

July 2007 Click Here to Download PDF 5.2MB

Summary of Contents

  • KLINGER Ballostar ball valves are a hot property with French district heating
  • The ASAGA connection
  • The KLINGER KVN piston valve... more than just a steam shut-off valve
  • New agreement to boost KLINGER product line
  • Oil terminal flange seals in close-up
  • KLINGER tops the bill at Oil and Gas Expo
  • Another winning performance in Australia
  • Main valve vendor
  • Expertise is on the rise

January 2007 Click Here to Download PDF 1.1MB

Summary of Contents

  • KLINGER secures its future in China
  • KLINGER responds to a rise in North Sea business
  • KLINGER South Africa acquires Wright-Seal & Plastics
  • KLINGER AB-cock is big business
  • ASEKO selected as main valve supplier for BOTNIA project
  • KLINGER Argentina to upgrade PROFERTIL gauges
  • KDT conference
  • 15th anniversary of KLINGER Hungary
  • KLINGER-PICOFF introduces E-shop

July 2006 Click Here to Download PDF 1.1MB

Summary of Contents

  • KLINGER joint activities in Baku
  • UNI KLINGER India expands again
  • Tradition and Technology at CCL
  • TECHNOFLOW spearheads new safety
  • Feel good factor in flange tightness
  • New directive mean new materials
  • UK Gasket Cutters on overseas trip
  • Success at ACHEMA 2006
  • Nancy Burkhart of THERMOSEAL appointed chair of ASTM
  • Same street,new address -KLINGER Germany

December 2005 Click Here to Download PDF 710KB

Summary of Contents

  • KLINGER Fluid Control and the Icelandic market
  • Technology guarantees air quality
  • Resistance of KLINGERSIL® Gaskets to renewable fuels
  • World Novelty - Adjustable KGS/VD flange gasket
  • KLINGER at the 49th International Trade Show for Technology and Technical Achievement in Belgrade
  • Product seminar and market launch of the two-part KLINGER Ballostar KHE ball valve for overseas trading partners
  • Commissioning a new large-scale manifold production centre at KLINGER in Austria
  • Middlesborough petrochemical industry at Old Trafford
  • Ensuring safety in the sugar and alcohol industry
  • When the customer benefits, we do too
  • Showcase Buenos Aires
  • A visit to KLINGER in Austria
  • KLINGER Italy as sport sponsor

July 2005 Click Here to Download PDF 705KB

Summary of Contents

  • 100% Klinger subsidiary in Russia
  • Ados to increase manufacturing capacity
  • DSM awards gasket contract to Klinger-Picoff B.V.
  • IRP 30 million expansion at Uni Klinger India
  • One step ahead KLINGER ballostar® KHE
  • Klinger UK in joint venture with Bon Accord Supplies
  • Klinger Fluid Control GmbH, Austria
  • Processing tobacco with Klinger temperature control valves
  • Indian cultural values - a Western perspective
  • Knowledge: It's a question of communication
  • KLINGER®expert 5.1 - The next evolutionary step
  • Successful implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

January 2005 Click Here to Download PDF 592KB

Summary of Contents

  • Robco Inc Canada - Joint Venture with Klinger UK
  • Milam PSS - A High Performer
  • KLINGER®top-sil Multilayer
  • KLINGER Germany wins a million-euro contract for its TEG valves
  • 111 years KLINGER in Gumpoldskirchen
  • A birthday party to remember
  • Trust is good, testing is better
  • The road to success
  • The benefits of a top venue
  • Customer focus is the way forward

October 2004 Click Here to Download PDF 621KB

Summary of Contents

  • A history that spans three centuries
    Klinger Holding Austria GmbH, Gumpoldskirchen/Austria
  • To the East with new partners
  • KLINGER SA visits oil-rich country Angola
  • KLINGER cracks nuclear industry
  • A final polish
  • Onwards and upwards in France
    Klinger Fluid Control GmbH, Gumpoldkirchen/Austria
  • KLINGER®top-sil-ML1
  • New production facilities for KLINGER AG Egliswil
  • Major ASEKO project deliveries in 2003 and 2004
  • Tailor-made surveillance camera solutions
  • Klinger Ltd join forces with C.N. Hadley
  • Top award for Greek distributor

May 2004 Click Here to Download PDF 1.96MB

Summary of Contents

  • KLINGER and KEMPCHEN join forces
  • KLINGER Denmark supplying system solution to steam customers
  • KLINGER-Sogefiltres expands its product range with high-quality plastic valves
  • From sopwiths to cigarettes
  • New approach brings increased benefits
  • A strategic new location in France
  • SUNY opts for KV Fluid Control
  • Many parts become one
  • EUROPES's No.1 address in sealing technology
  • KLINGER @ 'Rebuild Iraq 2004'
  • When environment takes centre stage
  • Supporting Black Economic Empowerment
  • New lead development engineer at Thermoseal

December 2003 Click Here to Download PDF 1.19MB

Summary of Contents

  • Klinger® ball valves for AvestaPolarit
  • Klinger® ball valves for latex factory in China
  • Meckelborg's Rental Agreement - a new way to mark products
    (Meckelborg Oy, Finland - a member of the Klinger® Group)
  • A new partnership - Eynard Robin represents Klinger's sealing products in France
  • BP extends Klinger Ltd contract to 2008
  • Delivery of the first automated valve with a manual opening option
  • Attaining consolidated licensing certification
  • New KLINGERSIL® product data sheets
  • KLINGERpark - a new office building marks 110 years for the Klinger Group
  • Customer survey reveals general satisfaction
  • Klinger strengthens partnerships with 'Oil & Gas' presence

July 2003 Click Here to Download PDF 1.32MB

Summary of Contents

  • Achieving a leak-free start-up -  impossible dream or achievable project?
  • Oil and Gas Exhibition (Western Australia)
  • KLINGER Presented Papers Version1.0 now available on CD-ROM
  • Important agreement between KLINGER Spa and ABB Sace for the supply of level gauges
  • KLINGER and WYKO partnership to boost UK business
  • A new and improved axial flow piston valve
  • TECHNOFLOW at the International Water Exhibition
  • A regular event for KLINGER-PICOFF
  • Business improvement award (Klinger Limited, Australia)
  • Great memories mark a 50th career anniversary
  • A KLINGER do Brasil development goes on show at Achema 2003 Germany
  • KLINGER join forces with ROBCO Inc.

March 2003 Click Here to Download PDF 526KB

Summary of Contents

  • Ten thousand KLINGER valves sold in Moscow
  • Major piston valve sales in India
  • International oil exhibition, Abu Dhabi
  • India moves into non-asbestos
  • Dansk Olie Genbrug orders filters and level gauges from Klinger Danmark
  • TopChem re-defines properties of PTFE gaskets
  • TopChem 2000 - saving work and cutting costs
  • 1000th Domino ink jet printer sold in Finland
  • A new distribution concept for gasket sheet in Europe
  • Klinger excels at Campinas workshop
  • Thermoseal Inc., USA achieves certification to ISO 9001:2000
  • A ship that's a long way from sea